Just when I thought that nobody gave a flip about the Undocumented, my wife and I stumbled upon an amazing non-profit organization called the Hope Resource Center of McKinney.

Six weeks into my wife’s pregnancy, we walked into the Hope Resource Center clueless, scared and concerned about our future.

The general advice I’d received from almost every hospital nurse that I’d talked to was to tell my pregnant and undocumented wife to hang in there, take prenatal supplements and then dash to the nearest hospital ER when her water broke.

As far as we were concerned, there was no way in Hades we were going to do that to our unborn child. So we ignored their horrendous advice and began looking for a center that would counsel us and point us in the right direction.

After some googling and calling around, we came across the Hope Resource Center and made an appointment with them . We arrived at the Resource Center on the appointed day with many questions, fears and reservations. Our trepidation was laid to rest when a very sweet Nurse came up to us and asked to see my wife. Later, she came and asked me if I wanted to join my wife in her office.

I jumped at the opportunity because I had a question. It seemed to me like every other second, my pregnant wife would complain that she was tired. So I asked the Nurse if this “tiredness” complaint would be there through all three semesters.

The Nurse smiled and instead of calling me a moron for saying semester instead of trimester, she assured me that it was natural for pregnant women to be tired. “Her tiredness” she said, “is because, among other things, the baby inside her is growing by leaps and bounds.”

About a week later we returned to the Resource Center for a free ultrasound. Nothing really prepares you for that very first image of your unborn child. Though hazy and still not really defined, I saw my child in all its glory. It was at that moment, it really dawned on me that I was going to be a father!

The staff at the center couldn’t have been nicer. They rejoiced with us as we watched the ultrasound of our baby and, before we left, they gave us hugs, gifts and promised to pray for our immigration situation. Their compassion and genuine love for us made up for all the hate, spite and insensitivity we’d received over the course of this past year.

After receiving ultrasound photos of our unborn child, a handmade shawl and a devotional book, my wife and I hopped into our ride and drove to the other side of town to meet with our immigration lawyer. We’d just left a place that was full of hope, love and support and were heading into the real world; a world that seemed to care less about us because of our immigration status.


2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. My boy friend is self deporting he has to be gone by october 8 th
    His lawyer said if he self deports he can
    Get a visa in as little as 6 months
    Because when you self deport it is like you were never here
    Is that true are not?
    The judge said he could change it if he wants to because his lawyer didnt tell him his rights on the law of being deported are self deporting
    Im thinking he should let them deport him and maybe the law will pass and he can stay
    We have been together now for 8 years
    He had not been in any trouble before but
    He was caught because he was drinking and driving
    We just dont know what to do
    I cant move to mexico because i had cancer last year and im still taking treatments i must be under a drs care for the rest if my life. I hope the law passes and know one has to leve .

    • Frances, I’m really sorry about what’s happened to you and your boyfriend. I don’t think self-deporting is a good idea he should try and stay in the US for as long as he can. If he self deports, he may never be allowed back into the US. Even voluntary departure doesn’t guarantee that he’ll be let back in. Like you, I really hope that the law is passed by october. I also hope that you get better health wise.

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