Fear & Spiders

This past Monday I felt fear in a very real way. I was about to park myself in my favorite seat when I noticed that someone else was occupying it. The occupant was a huge, furry spider with long legs that looked fatter than a McDonald’s French fry. This spider-on-steroids was so big, I was frightened it would run over me if I attempted to stand in its way.

The last time I felt this kind of fear was when my wife and I were locked in a small interrogation cell, waiting to be processed by Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) officers. Our precarious future was in the hands of ICE.

Like most undocumented immigrants, I had been living my life hoping and praying never to cross paths with any department of the Law. I would always remind myself to speak with an American accent and drive like a grandma every time I got behind the wheel. I didn’t want to be stopped for Driving With an Accent (DWA), or, even worse, Driving While Illegal (DWI).

The day my bride and I got busted was a scary day. I knew that, going forward, our lives were going to be harder than a Siberian rock. At that point we resolved to fight the coming adversity with every fiber of our fragile beings. And fight we did.

The elephantine spider staring me down scared the crap out of me because I was afraid that it would abduct me. That would leave my daughter fatherless, and my wife without someone to take out the trash. So I did the courageous thing and, as humanely as I could, ushered the spider into spider heaven.

Having gone through the deportation process and come out of it scathed but alive, I now have a new perspective on this thing called fear. Fear has the ability to destroy us, or ignite in us the will to fight insurmountable odds and adversities.

When fear and adversity strike, my hope is that you will choose to face it head on, like my wife and I did, and emerge from it a stronger and wiser person. Fear’s bark is always worse than its bite. Don’t let it rob you of a full life.









2 thoughts on “Fear & Spiders

  1. This is ridiculous that you would even have the audacity to post this blog at a time like this. Most people do not feel “sorry” for you being here illegally. Not sure why you couldn’t do the right thing and come here like all the rest of us “legal” immigrants. You wouldn’t have half these problems. I’m sorry, but there are consequences for BREAKING THE LAW.

    • Wow, Kelly, from one human being to another, who’s sharing his toughest experience in his life and how he and his wife survived it, you reply with negativity?

      I am embarrassed by this lack of humanity, self-righteous judgment, and insistence that we are indeed different.

      Who are “we” and “the rest of us?? Unless you are a native American, all our fathers immigrated here. Just b/c ur grandparents immigrated here a few generations ago does not make u product of a non-immigrant. Ur family immigrated here, like you said it, we all have.

      And you never broke any laws in ur entire life? Like Jesus said, he who hasn’t sinned be the first to cast a stone….

      If your country doesn’t provide for basic survival, ie a job, and you one leaves the safety of your country to another for the great sin of seeking a job, and that adopted country benefits immensely by your cheap labor, cheaper produce, poultry, restaurant meals, clean clothes, and all the way to landscape for your house, and purchase price of the house itself, isn’t it hypocritical and willful blindness for the beneficiaries to pretend that they aren’t benefiting richly at your expense?

      I commend the blog writer to have manage to overcome this overwhelming situation and write in such articulate, vivid way for all to learn and empathize with you. Hope God blesses you and your wife every day for all your past sufferings.

      Fellow immigrant and now lawyer.

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